Thursday, May 03, 2012

Busy month of May in the garden

Other than several plantings of peas, and a nice array of greens in the cold frame, we have not direct seeded much in the garden yet.  It's time!  Radishes, potatoes, carrots, more peas, lettuces,'s time to plant all of these.  These days...planting, tending, transplanting, digging, nurturing, reading, mapping, planning, organizing...busy days here in the month of May, but so worth the hard work.  Today's list included work with our daughter on her own small plot - where she happily planted the special seeds she had chosen at the Organic Conference in Gueph back in January: dinosaur kale, rainbow carrots, ruby red lettuce, sugar peas, whirlybird nasturtiums, various sunflowers, and dragon's tongue beans - all varieties that spark a child's imagination and will create a colourful delicious mix.  Now we need to figure out the best system for protection from squirrels!

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  1. Please do share any squirrel-savvy techniques you've discovered! I'm ok for covering the soil, but once the seedlings emerge I'm at a loss.