Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This week - gardens, harvests, pies, hammocks

Delicious fresh new and exciting garden harvests this week as the summer season is now nearly upon us...juicy ripe strawberries, sweet snow peas, wild grape leaves, braising greens, and the last of our  asparagus and rhubarb, radishes, turnips...yumm!  Our new patches of blackberries, heirloom raspberries and high bush blueberries have been planted in our new permaculture berry garden (near the wild planted mulberry, in the forgotten part of our yard that we are trying to reclaim now that all the construction projects on the house are completed), and it feels like for once we are almost caught up on garden tasks - almost, except for the compost spreading, mulching, weeding, watering...And the tomatoes are flowering!   We couldn't help ourselves - there are 110 tomato plants in our various gardens and containers this year - what will tomato harvest look like??  I'm dreaming of sauces, salsa, drying, roasting, and lots of fresh eating.  Oh, there is so much ambition at this time in the season.

The local CSA (community supported agriculture) pick up has started again in our neighbourhood, so we are back to baking organic wholegrain breads, organic fruit pies, and other baked treats each week for the members.  So thankful for the outdoor cob oven on hot hot days like this one, when baking bread indoors would not feel possible.

At the end of the day, we find time to relax in the hammock with a good book - well, the youngest one here loves reading there even more than the rest of us...

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