Saturday, March 09, 2013

Cheese Making!

We hosted one of our favourite workshops today - cheese making.  We have hosted several cheese making classes each year for quite a few years now, and still, each time the workshops fill up and new cheese makers are born.  During the workshop all participants get to make their own ball of fresh raw milk mozzarella from scratch, plus yogurt cheese, and we go over making live cultured yogurt, and all the great things to do with leftover whey.  Participants have gone on from here to make hard cheese, goat chevre, sheep mozzarella and more...this workshop is just the start to inspire confidence in the cheese making arts. 

Next on our personal cheese making to do list: try to make farmhouse cheddar and goat mozzarella.  The latest issue of Taproot Magazine also has some great recipes for making ghee, and kefir cream.  Yum!  We want to try it all.

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