Thursday, April 25, 2013

Seedlings growing, spring in the air

Our house and greenhouse are filling up with vibrant happy young seedlings, getting ready for our annual sale on May 18.  We have six rows of indoor grow lights to start the seedlings that need a head start, and then move everything into our passive solar greenhouse for transplanting.  Oh, there is a lot of transplanting that still needs to happen in the next few weeks!  This weekend it's time to start the last indoor seedlings - zucchini, squashes, melons.  With all the snow and cold rainy weather the hot weather crops (tomatoes, eggplants, peppers) are growing slowly in the unheated greenhouse, but we are hopeful the warmer weather is coming.  They will certainly be hardy seedlings this year.

As part of our weekly kids nature group, we had a lovely hike at a nearby woods today.  The kids dipped their boots into the pond, and we heard an unbelievably loud rukus of frogs mating, so we know that spring is really here.

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