Friday, June 28, 2013

Sustainable Bees - Queen of the Sun documentary

Last Friday we had the opportunity to watch Queen of the Sun: What are the Bees Telling Us, an amazing documentary that speaks to the importance of bees in our ecosystem and to our food system.  It discusses the devastating effects of industrialized agriculture and large-scale beekeeping (where bees are driven around the country by semi-trailers to pollinate monoculture industrial farms), and interviews many small-scale beekeepers around the world who are using various sustainable approaches to beekeeping - including setting up inspiring examples of bee sanctuaries.  One biodynamic bee sanctuary highlighted is Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary.  We are utterly dependent on healthy bees - do watch this documentary! Watch the trailer here.

This short video is a great overview of how to start a bee sanctuary.  It features a bee sanctuary garden in Davis, California, and shows what a top bar hive looks like.

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  1. My dream is to have a bee hive. I think i am too close to other homes to have one. Ill have to check out the requirements first.