Sunday, December 22, 2013

Icy morning garden

After the late night freezing rain the garden looked like this! All that lovely packing snow has melted and the world outside is now a sheet of ice.  I headed out first thing to take a look.  Absolutely stunning!  Every seed, pine needle, twig and stalk completely and perfectly encapsulated in ice.  Drops of water frozen as if in mid-motion.  Beautiful, but treacherous.  Everywhere branches are cracking from the weight of all the ice.  You can hear tinkling like glass chimes when the wind blows and the branches sway, and then the ominous slow cracking as another large branch comes down and crashes in the yard.  Power seems to be off and on today too, with ice or branches falling on the nearby power lines.  This kind of ice storm comes at least once a winter to us here in southern Ontario.  Today will be a mostly indoor day!

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