Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Local Forest Schools!

We are absolutely thrilled that there are now not one, but two local options right here in KW for families who wish to send their kids to a "forest school" experience.  The Grand River Forest and Nature School offers one day a week for discovery & fun in the woods; and the KW Forest School also offers options for forest school sessions as well as shorter one-day sessions occasionally through the Transition KW(through the eco family activities subgroup).  We've been participating in the Grand River Forest & Nature School and just loving the experience.  The idea is to dress for the weather, no matter what, and spend the whole afternoon with a small group of kids and two super facilitators who guide the kids through hands-on learning in the forest.  There is a small shelter to store extra dry/warm clothes, and from there the kids have done hikes, salamander discoveries, journal writing, swamp explorations, snakes, frogs and toads, tree watching, bird watching, branch fort building, map making, story telling, singing, nature crafting projects, and more!

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