Saturday, November 22, 2014

NEW! Plantain Soothing Salve

We have a new favourite salve that's ready in our Homestead Herbals online store.  The Plantain Soothig Salve.  This is made the usual way we make our salves - with a solar infusion of botanicals in pure olive oil (infused for 6 weeks), then beeswax and cocoa butter are added, and pure essential oils for healing properties and beautiful smell.  This salve is so special!  We are planning to give it to all family members for Christmas this year.  The reason we love plantain salve is that we've seen the amazing effects of it's healing abilities - plantain is renowned for soothing all manner of insect bites, bee and wasp stings, and mosquito bites.  We use the plantain leaf directly in summer months when we have it at hand, but there are times (like this past summer when we were at a family cottage where mosquitoes were driving everyone inside) where we can't find plantain growing nearby right when it's needed.  This salve does the trick!  We were handing this salve out as "testers" at our family cottage to anyone who had mosquito bites, everyone slathered it on their bites and in minutes the itching and redness was gone.  Our daughter too can attest to the healing ability of plantain for wasp bites - amazing results when it was rubbed on the welts, which again disappeared in short order.

So, it's not summer - yet.  But we are happy to have this salve ready with new labels and are sure to make customers happy when they experience the healing abilities of this wonderful salve.  And it might just make a unique gift for the outdoor-lover on your holiday list.

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