Monday, April 27, 2015

In the greenhouse today

Things are buzzing around here.  There are seedlings everywhere, the greenhouse is filling up with transplants as they move into larger containers, and we are gearing up for the annual Organic & Heirloom Seedling Sale coming up May 23 from 9-12.  After this sale, we will continue to have heirloom organic seedlings (tomatoes, basil, herbs, lettuces, kale, and more) available here for the Saturdays in June as well.

Here is a glimpse of what we have going on in our greenhouse one month away from the sale.  We're enjoying spinach, lettuce, mustards, mesclun, chives and bunching onions from the greenhouse raised bed, fresh chocolate & ginger mint leaves in our tea, and thai basil in our meals from seedlings that are now big enough to harvest.

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