Saturday, August 08, 2015

Flowers in the garden

Here's an idea of what our August garden looks like - bursting with colour, the flowers are in full force, tucked into every corner, every border, every garden bed, springing up in every bare spot of ground in the yard.  I'm loving all the colour in this early August garden!  And flowers now in our house everywhere, picked for bouquets in mason jars on every table, and included into every meal to top our fresh greens, made into salad dressings, transformed into drinks (lavender kombucha anyone? blueberry sage water kefir?), or to garnish our desserts.   Our favourite edible flowers include lavender, sage, oregano and mint blossoms, borage, nasturtiums, calendula, day lilies, violas, and bergamot. (please note that not all flowers pictured below are edible)

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