Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lavender first aid oil

NOW! NEW on our Homestead Herbals etsy shop - a new certified organic Lavender First Aid Oil made with certified organic pure lavender essential oil!  Lavender oil is such an important, multi-purpose healer, and versatile oil, that every home remedy cabinet should not be without it.  If you are only going to have one essential oil in your first aid kit it would be lavender oil.

To use, dilute a few drops of the lavender essential oil in a carrier oil (e.g. a light oil that absorbs well into the skin such as apricot oil, sesame oil, almond oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil) and apply as needed.

Lavender is an excellent essential oil for children and babies, as well as adults.  It can make a beautiful aromatic massage oil that soothes a tired, fussing baby.  It can be sprinkled on a pillow at night to help ease congestion and coughs, as well as insomnia and restlessness.  In Ayurvedic tradition lavender oil is thought to be a balancing oil for all constitutions, and helps with congestion of all types (both physical and mental).

Here are just some of the many wonderful benefits of lavender oil (Lavandula angustifolia):
  • soothes minor burns (both kitchen stove, or sun burns, or heat rashes)
  • aids infections and inflammation
  • disinfects and helps heal cuts and scrapes
  • eases headaches and migraines
  • soothes stress and anxiety
  • aids sore tired feet
  • helps insomnia, restlessness, sleeplessness
  • takes itch out of mosquito bites
  • massage for tired sore muscles
  • gentle and soothing for infants and children
  • eases congestion, coughs and bronchitis 
  • eases cold and flu symptoms
(Lavender oil should only be used for external use only.  Information here is based on historical use and for your interest only.)

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