Monday, September 14, 2015

Apple season and simple dried apples rings/chips

What an apple year!  When I think of apples right now, the word "abundant" comes to mind.  The harvest from our one old tree has been incredible.  We have made jars and jars and jars of applesauce, eaten apples by the dozens, baked pies, and saved apples for cider (soon to be made).  And I also dried vast piles of apple rings, my favourite, for winter snacking and giving away as holiday gifts.   Note we did not dip the apples in lemon juice, so they are not as white as they would be if you did dip them (this also greatly depends on the variety of apples you are using). 

Making dried apple rings/apple chips:
1) Wash apples.
2) Cut into rings, or use an old-fashioned apple turner to slice and core apples thinly.
3) Dip into lemon juice to avoid browning (optional).
4) Dry using one of the following methods, until apples are leathery and nearly crispy (or if you like crispy apple chips keep drying until you get desired consistency).

a) With a Food Dehydrator
A food dehydrator is a quick method for bulk quantity apple drying (set at 135F for about 12-24 hours).

b) In a Low Oven
Drying apples can also be done in a lowest oven (as low as your oven will go, between 145-200F for about 10-20 hours).  Line baking sheet with parchment paper and fill with single layer of apples. You should keep checking the apples, rotate them, and keep the oven door open for more air circulation.

c) Over a Wood Stove
Suspend apple rings over wood stove - hang apple rings from thin wire, set up a dowel to hang apples on, or suspend a metal drying rack over the stove.  Again watch apples closely to see when they are done.

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