Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A few snapshots from this year's 14th annual organic seedling sale

Thanks to everyone who came out to Little City Farm on Saturday and made our 14th annual seedling sale such a busy successful event.  We wish we could have moved the line a little more quickly, but are also inspired that there is such a huge interest in our community for organic gardening - yay!  We also want to note that this will be the last year we hold this sale here at our location, as it has clearly outgrown our space.

We do have some assorted seedlings (heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, kale, peppers, herbs) still available for those who missed the sale - please contact us directly through Little City Farm.

  • thanks to the many cashiers who helped keep customers happy and moved the line through the payment area, keeping track of a huge volume of sales in a very short time
  • thanks to the musicians who kept the crowds happy with relaxing music on the back porch stage
  • thanks to Kelly for the fun and interactive kids pollinator pledging activities by the pond
  • thanks for the Rempel family for firing up the oven and baking delicious pitas (and fresh warm muffins and sweet drinks for all of us first thing in the morning)
  • thanks to Karin's mom and dad for the innumerable ways they helped leading up to the event, also handling the baked goods table, and scooping more than 150 dandelion icecream cones!
  • thanks to Angie and interns for growing beautiful seedlings, and helping promote this event in such a huge way on facebook and beyond
  • and we are also thankful for all the hopeful gardeners who came to buy our seedlings and want to grow great food this summer!  

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