Saturday, June 25, 2016

Plant communication & plant spirit healing workshop - reconnecting with nature

We had local herbalist and plant spirit healing practitioner, Heather Cain here to lead a workshop on Plant Communication.  She invited us to enter the fascinating world of plant energetics, to take time to listen and tune in to the language of plants (understood with our intuition, our 5 senses and beyond), to see plants as closely related to humans - to understand that humans and plants co-create, we need each other, we have evolved together.

It's interesting to see the surge in mainstream culture with "earthing" (grounding ourselves literally), barefoot parks like this one for therapeutic value, barefoot running, forest schools and forest kindergartens, forest-bathing (the practice of simply breathing and being in the forest for meditation), and concepts like Nature Deficit Disorder (a phrase coined more than 10 years ago, and now commonly understood - simply the idea of being disconnected from nature and the ill effects that brings to our bodies, minds, health, spirits).  There is obviously a need to reconnect with the natural world, we see and feel the healing benefits from spending time in the woods, with soil, with plants.

Heather will be back to lead a workshop in July on making and using flower essences, and a herbal root-based workshop in the fall.  See workshop descriptions here.

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