Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Waldorf-inspired art for kids: basic embroidering

Last week's art class for kids introduced them to basic embroidery skills.  The little ones (aged 3-5) worked with yarn on burlap cloth with large blunt needles.  They drew simple designs onto the fabric and used the yarn to embroider over the lines to create their picture.  The older kids (aged 6-12) worked with embroidery floss on cotton, with embroidery hoops to hold the fabric in place.  They used their sketch books to try out a few ideas on paper, then transferred their favourite drawing onto the cloth to be embroidered.  I was amazed at the attention of the older group, who all loved embroidering (all had some sewing experience already) and who all worked steadily at their patterns for more than an hour!  What beautiful creations came from this day!

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