Monday, April 17, 2017

Signs of spring

There are sure signs of spring popping up around the yard and garden all around us.    Every year it's the same happy pattern - first the wild greens (the nettles, the dandelions, the wild garlic that we start nibbling on); then the wild violets that we pick for syrup and salads; then the other wild herbs & flowers that we've planted into our shade gardens (the trout lilies, the bloodroot, the wild ginger that have all been planted to create woodland areas in our yard); and then the rhubarb growing bigger by the minute!  The sorrel leaves, the asparagus poking up, the chives, the mint patches, the lemon balm, the catnip, the yarrow...These are our favourite early days of spring, when it's all so hopeful and fresh, the flavours are new and exciting, vibrant and healthful for us again after our winter.

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