Sunday, December 03, 2017

Mother-Daughter Herbal Immersion wrap-up

Can we believe that these flowers were picked only a few weeks ago?  This fall has extended itself on and on this year.  

These photos were from one of our final sessions in the Mother-Daughter Herbal Immersion group, where each family created their own botanical artwork by "framing" herbs and flowers from the garden which we had been using in our classes.  The group met once a week through the fall to explore herbs, learning plant history and folklore, medicine-making, wild-harvesting, documentation, and building relationships with these beautiful healing plants through story, botanical journalling, and hands-on projects.  

This Mother-Daughter group is wrapping up now for the winter, but will be offered again in Spring 2018 (starting in April).  We'll be working with one herb/wild plant each week including violet, chickweed, nettle, mallow and dandelion!  The group is small, 4-5 families can participate, with the girls being aged 7+.  More information will be posted here.

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