Thursday, June 28, 2018

Healing Herbal Summer Drinks Workshop! Making Herbal Sun Teas, Syrups, Shrubs, Lacto-Fermented Sodas

Upcoming Workshop:
Healing Herbal Summer Drinks! Making Herbal Sun Teas, Herbal Syrups, Herb-Fruit Shrubs & Lacto-Fermented Sodas

Date: Sat, July 7 (pre-registration required)  REGISTER HERE
Time: 1-3 pm
Facilitator: Karin Kliewer, traditional herbalist
Location: at Little City Farm

Herbal summer drinks are a delicious way to beat the heat AND get nourishing, creative flavours (without refined sugar) made right from your garden.

All of these herbal drinks, which were once common and popular, are again seeing a revival. And for good reason! These drinks are flavourful, healthful, and endlessly creative in the combinations you can come up with, Many of these drinks (syrups, shrubs and sodas) also have a fairly lengthy shelf-life, allowing your to make larger batches that can last all summer long for your drink mixing.

In this hands-on class we will introduce you to 4 types of wonderful herbal-based drinks you can easily make at home:
  • herbal sun tea,
  • herbal syrups,
  • herbal shrubs (raw apple cider vinegar infused fruit-herb combinations),
  • lacto-fermented sodas (and lacto-fermented ginger-ale)

You will get the chance to taste a wide variety of the amazing flavour combinations, and participate in making your own ginger bug and personalized herbal shrub to take home.

More info & registration here.

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