Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Week 8 - Thinking Tree Art & Nature Program

Week 8 - Thinking Tree Art & Nature Program

Weather: grey, gusty winds, the sense that snow is on the way soon

Soup made by the kids: Sweet potato coconut curry (a big hit with the kids!)

Art lessons today:
  • cedar tracings to make paper lanterns
  • mystery drawing exercise with half hidden objects
  • doll-making continued (making hair, clothing, stuffing bodies with lavender)
Herbal project today:
  • nature stamping (making book marks and wrapping paper sheets) using seed pods, flower heads, pinecones - especially great prints were made from sage leaves and dinosaur kale
Other highlights:
  • a short walk to the community garden nearby to collect seed pods
  • wood-fired oven to warm our hands
  • honey-baked apples made in the outdoor oven (the kids have requested we make these every week until the end of the program!)
  • seeing many of the kids eat two or even three helpings of our curry at lunch
  • general enthusiasm and energy of the day - a very active group today!

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