Friday, December 04, 2009

New Workshop Series for 2010, coming soon

We are working on our 2010 Urban Homesteading workshop series, and hope to have it posted here and on our website shortly. We are excited about the prospects, and are pleased to have had a variety of new workshop presenters contact us with their ideas for this round of courses. Community-based popular education is such an important part of why we are operating our homestead here in the city. We are focussing on similar themes as the previous years - eco crafting, urban agriculture/organic gardening, natural health, sustainable living, and slow food - all of which fit under the title of urban homesteading skills. There will be an added emphasis on a 6-8 part series on urban farming this year, everything from seedling starting to permaculture, food preserving to seed saving...please stay posted for details here!

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