Sunday, December 13, 2020

Winter Herbal Remedies E-Course & Recipes!

I am excited that our first e-course will be starting in early January!  With the covid pandemic this year we (like everyone else) have had to make major changes in how we run our home business.  For many years we have been offering hands-on, in person workshops, classes and events here at Little City Farm, where groups of participants came together to learn, share and make in our small home-based teaching space.  Well, none of these types of in-person activities were possible this year, and so we have been working hard to develop a small offering of online courses instead.  Virtual learning is our preferred method - we can't meet our participants in person, it's more difficult to create a shared group experience, and the hands-on component must be done by each person in their own home without the context of being here on our homestead.  We also don't love the idea of spending more time on a screen, and certainly agree with many that we are tired of zoom videos and meetings.  However, for our first round of the e-course we think we have found a simple, uncomplicated low-tech solution, and are happy to share it with our participants.  Our first e-course filled up quickly!  It's a 12 week Winter Herbal Remedies course running from January to mid March!  We look forward to offering it again in future, as well as developing other of our most popular workshops into online offerings for the spring and summer season. 

For those who aren't able to join us with the Winter Herbal Remedies e-course for this round, we would love to offer some of our favourite herbal recipes for winter wellness that we make each season in our home.  Try the following for immune boosting, easing sore throats, healing coughs, aiding congestion and supporting best health for the winter season.  To make these recipes, if you are looking to purchase bulk dried medicinal herbs, try Harmonic Arts for an exceptional Canadian company with superior quality organic dried herbs and other wellness ingredients.