Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Week 7 - Thinking Tree Art & Nature Program

Week 7 - Thinking Tree Art & Nature Program (the Halloween edition)

Weather: cool, grey and rainy today

Soup made by the kids: Not soup today, but festive wood-fired pizza

Herbal project today:
  • herbal bath bombs with lavender and calendula petals
Art lessons today:
    • graphite transfers (fancy stenciling) onto paper
    • DIY shadow puppets
    • extended doll-making session (making hair, clothing, costumes)
    Other highlights:
    • making personal-sized pizzas baked in the wood-fired oven outside
    • Halloween games, such as the pumpkin obstacle course, apple-on-string bobbing, and relays
    • wonderful costumes worn by all - we had two wolves, a fox, a few witches, a bandit, a red haired elf, a bat, a construction worker, and more!
    • pumpkin puddings and hot apple cider by the fire to warm ourselves

    Wednesday, October 24, 2018

    Week 6 - Thinking Tree Art & Nature Program

    Week 6 - Thinking Tree Art & Nature Program

    Weather: it's getting cool!  Hovering around 0 degrees Celcius today with one tiny snow flurry

    Soup made by the kids: Not soup today, but rather fancy oatmeal bowls with lots of toppings

    Herbal project today:
    • preparing our own blend of Peace Tea - with relaxing calming herbs like lemon balm, catnip, linden, rose and chamomile
    • using our senses to get to know lemon balm from the garden
    • using our new blend to make herbal tea over the fire - so cozy!
    Art lessons today:
      • imagining a world of small - finding miniature landscapes in the yard and drawing ourselves into them (for example, what would it be like to live in a milkweed pod?)
      • developing our skills for drawing birds
      Other highlights:
      • warm-up games at the nearby park field - so fun to see everyone laughing and running ("catch the dragon's tail" was especially funny as a group effort)
      • fresh pumpkin pie for an extra lunch treat
      • warming our hands by the outdoor fire which we kept going most of the day
      • planning for next week's session - halloween party!

      Wednesday, October 17, 2018

      Week 5 - Thinking Tree Art & Nature Program

      Week 5 - Thinking Tree Art & Nature Program

      Weather: overcast with patches of sunshine, but chilly (felt like 2 Celcius)

      Soup made by the kids: Sweet Potato-Leek

      Herbal project today: 
      • wrapping sage herb bundles to hang at home (and use for winter teas, bath and sore throats)
      • discussing various historical uses of herb bundles for health, purification, ceremony
      Art lessons today:
      • form drawing - looking at the human form and proportion (face, body)
      • turning the form sketches into flower fairy sketches made to proportion
      • cityscape drawings in mirror image
      • looking at spirals in nature (shells, etc) and sketching various snail designs

      Other highlights:
      • delicious warm honey-baked apples made in the outdoor wood-fired cob oven! 
      • playing outdoor co-operative running games to warm ourselves up
      • learning about how the cob oven was built, and standing around the fire to stay cozy

        Wednesday, October 10, 2018

        Week 4 - Thinking Tree Art & Nature Program

        Week 4 - Thinking Tree Art & Nature Program

        Weather: full sun, exceptionally warm for October (felt like 32C)

        Soup made by the kids: Carrot-Coconut

        Handmade projects today:
        • wood slice painted necklaces (ladybugs) using hand-drills to make holes
        • cloth doll making continued from last week, adding yarn hair
        • adding to our plant presses for lantern making project (coming up)
        Art lessons today:
        • charcoal tree house drawings based on logs and trees around the yard, then sharing our drawings with the group - such details and imagination!

        Other highlights:

        • sunny walk to nearby community garden to collect colourful fall leaves and last flower petals for our plant presses
        • Flower Families card game with our older kids during free time  
        • building a human obstacle course as our morning warm-up game
        • closing circle check-in where one child said "she loved everything" about the day!
        • such a beautiful relaxed day with our group - enjoying the warm outdoor weather while we can