Sunday, March 27, 2016

Petals & Roots Kids Herbal Club this spring (for 6 weeks, from May 24-June 28)


New!  Petals & Roots Kids Herbal Club

Tuesdays from 4-5:30 pm, May 24 to June 28 (6 weeks)
with Karin Kliewer, traditional herbalist
held at Little City Farm (508 Duke St West, Kitchener)

Do you have a budding naturalist or green thumb in your family?  This kids herbal club will give the opportunity to explore the green world of herbal healing plants.  We'll spend 6 sessions outdoors at Little City Farm (a small permaculture-inspired urban homestead in Kitchener), tending & harvesting medicinal herbs of spring.  Kids will learn basic plant identification, make herbal smoothies, find a personal plant ally, build a botanical plant press, make botanical sketches in a plant journal, create several simple healing herbal remedies to take home, and more!  Hands-on, creative, informative, fun!

Limited to 6 kids.  Ages 7+
$15/per week ($90 total) - commitment for all 6 sessions please
Please contact Karin if you wish to sign up your child:
Contact: info (at) / 519-575-9174

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Seed Starting Guide for 2016

Every spring, right around this time (spring equinox) we get out our big box of seed packages, sort them, map out our garden plan, and start our favourite varieties.  For those of you who are local, if you need organic non-GMO seeds, please drop by Little City Farm to check out our selection of seeds from High Mowing.  Every Saturday from 10-1 pm through the spring.  And consider taking our Seedling Starting workshop on April 2, as local organic farmer Angie Koch (Fertile Ground CSA) will be here to lead the class and answer all your seed-starting questions.

Here is the handy planting guide that we use each year - it's printed and up on our fridge for easy reference. Enjoy!
Seed Planting Guide From Little City Farm For zone 5 to 6 in southern Ontario this is based on frostfree date of May 24

FEBRUARY (greens listed here can continue to be planted throughout the growing season)
lettuce, chard, other greens in greenhouse or in flats indoors (to be planted out to greenhouse). Start selected medicinal and culinary herbs by middle of February. Some take 6-8 weeks to germinate!

10 WEEKS TO LAST FROST (aprox. March 15)
Start seeds of celery, eggplant, leeks, onion, pepper and flowers like impatiens, lobelia, verbena and perennials indoors.

8 WEEKS TO LAST FROST (aprox. March 29)
Start seeds of early head lettuce and flowers like begonia, coleus, nicotiana, petunia, salvia indoors.

7 WEEKS TO LAST FROST (aprox. April 5)
Start seeds of tomatoes, hot peppers, and early basil indoors.

6 WEEKS TO LAST FROST(aprox. April 12)
Start seeds of early left lettuce, early cabbages including cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, kohlrabi and kale, and small seeded annuals indoors. DIRECT SEED broad beans, carrots, peas, spinach, leaf lettuce, turnips, dill, parsley, and hardy flowers such as alyssum, candytuft, pansies, poppies, snapdragons, stocks, sunflowers and sweet peas. Plant onion sets or transplant onion seedlings outdoors.

4 WEEKS TO LAST FROST (aprox. April 26)
Start melon seeds indoors. If desired, start seeds of late basil, cucumber, squash, pumpkin, large-seeded annuals, and flowering vines indoors in peat pots. DIRECT SEED radishes, beets, cabbages, chard, head lettuce, and flowers such as hollyhock, and mallow. Plant potato eyes and transplant seedlings of early cabbages, except cauliflower.

2 WEEKS TO LAST FROST (aprox. May 10)
DIRECT SEED corn, tender bulbs such as glads, and annual vines such as morning glory. Transplant early lettuce seedlings.

WEEK OF LAST FROST (aprox. May 17-24)
Around the last frost date you can finally direct seed beans, cauliflower, cucumber, squashes, heat-loving flowers such as zinnias, marigold, and lavatera. Transplant your tomatoes. If you've got them, transplant cauliflower, squash and cucumber seedlings.

1 to 2 WEEKS AFTER FROST (aprox. May 31-June 7)
Wait for a couple of weeks after the last frost before direct seedling lima beans, soybeans, melons and herbs such as basil, summer savory and sweet marjoram. Transplant celery, melon, peppers, eggplant seedlings when the night temperatures stay well above 10 degrees C. Plant sweet potato slips. Start second crop of kale seedlings, reseed spinach and peas for second crop.