Friday, June 24, 2011

Herbal Hemp Shampoo - recipe

While we are sharing recipes, here is a simple one for herbal shampoo.  We make herbal shampoo soaps and absolutely love them (no packaging, portable, long lasting, great cleaning qualities)...but some people do prefer a liquid version of shampoo.  This is an easy recipe to make at home, and can be adjusted to suit your needs using different combinations of herbal teas and essential oils for the base.  We suggest rosemary or sage for dark hair, chamomile or calendula for lighter hair, patchouli essential oil for dry scalp.  We used hemp castille soap in this recipe for the added benefits of hemp oil for hair care - hemp oil is high in protein, vitamin E, and omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, helping to combat dry skin and stimulating hair growth.

Herbal Hemp Shampoo
10 oz herbal infusion (strong herbal tea that is steeped 8-12 hours)
1 oz liquid castille soap (we used a hemp castille soap for added benefits of hemp oil)
1 tsp sweet almond oil or light olive oil
20-35 drops pure essential oil

1) Infuse herbs for the tea base - let steep at least 8-12 hours in covered container (e.g. tea pot or glass mason jar).
2) Mix all ingredients well and store in glass jar or old reused shampoo bottle.
3) To use, shake bottle well to combine contents.  This is a thinner shampoo than most people are used to (add more castille soap to thicken it).  Squeeze several teaspoons onto wet hair and lather, rinse.  Avoid getting in eyes and this is for external use only of course.
4) Rinse with apple cider vinegar as conditioner if you like.
5) Use within 3 months.


  1. What kind of essential oil do you use? I have made a shampoo similar to this, but I am willing to give this recipe a shot. Sounds amazing!

  2. Brenda SzaszJuly 07, 2011

    Where can we find the hemp castile soap, please? In fact, is there someway to give people sources for all the ingredients that must be bought for the soaps & ointments, etc.? Without getting into advertising - maybe a list by personal request?

  3. Is there someway to give people sources for all the ingredients that must be bought for the soaps & ointments, etc.? I am in Northern Ontario and would love to take your classes but am to far. I have purchased a few of the books you recommend on Soapmaking and am excited to start but there are so many supply companies..I don't know where to start!

  4. Really its good to have the necessary post regarding making of homemade herbal shampoo that gives the natural hair, Thank you.