Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Make your own: Permaculture Seed Balls

This was a fun outdoor project yesterday when we had our first burst of warm spring weather!  I have been waiting all winter to make seed balls - I needed to wait for our clay pile to thaw.  The idea with seed balls is that they are self-contained compact gardens (tiny, but mighty).   You can place any variety of seeds in a seed ball and make the balls to the size you wish.  Usually they are penny sized to golf ball sized, and hold seeds such as wildflower blends, vegetables or even grains.  The mix of 1.5 parts clay to 1 part compost (with just enough water to hold it together) offers the perfect home for the seeds until they are ready to germinate - clay protects the seeds and compost offers nutrients once the seed balls are broadcast and rain falls on them to dissolve the ball.  It's seen as a quick efficient way to plant.  We used a bird and bee friendly wildflower mix, and will dry the balls outside in this week of warm sunny weather.

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  1. I love this idea! Then do you just plant the seed balls?