Monday, January 14, 2008


Been busy making loads of soap, for an upcoming pre-valentine's craft sale. A Craft Cabaret actually as it's being called, a sultry evening craft show complete with cabaret singer and bar, Feb 7th at the Starlight Social Club in Waterloo. Should be fun! Not your grandma's craft sale, that's for sure. Some new varieties I plan to have are:

Ambrosia - made with coconut milk for a creamy lather, lemongrass, sweet orange & vanilla
Cupid's Wash - also with rich creamy coconut milk, rosewood & ylang, and rosehips
Earth Mama Soap - baby friendly extremely gentle goatmilk soap, with calendula and chamomile
Worker's Hand - with cornmeal, pumice & lemon juice for good scrubbing action
Bay & Sage Men's Bar - with bay & clary sage oils, green clay and organic sage leaf

Also working in preparation for settingup an online store with the help of a friend - slowly, slowly - this all takes time...

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