Sunday, April 06, 2008

Rain Barrels

Had someone inquire about best places to get rain barrels in this area...

As it happens, the Region of Waterloo is having their annual free rain barrel give-away (200 litre size) on Sat, April 26th starting bright and early at 7:30 am, on a first-come basis at the Conestoga Mall, Fairview Park Mall, and Cambridge Centre parking lots. We have not gone to get a rain barrel there, and from what we hear it's very popular and you need to come early to get a barrel. In our experience, we've had good luck sourcing other types of large barrels - olive barrels or grape barrels are great, and often available or free from local shops. We have sourced about 6 barrels this way, and replaced the lids with mosquito netting secured over the top. Spigots, taps or spouts can be purchased at the local hardware store, and we've drilled a hole through the barrel to attach the spigot near the bottom (just high enough off the ground to be able to hold a watering can underneath).

On the note of Waterloo Region garden-related activities, there will also be a Vermicomposting workshop on Sat, June 14, and general composting workshops (providing tips on backyard composting, setting up worm bins, and distributing free backyard composters) on Sat, May 3, June 28 and Oct 18. For more details call: 519-883-5100

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  1. Waterloo region rain barrels available again on Saturday April 24th, 2010.!OpenDocument