Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spring basil!

Took a few hours to transplant our basil plants into larger containers today - we have about 150 plants, and various varieties. We usually keep about 50 genovese (pesto) basil to fill one of our raised beds, but as basil is a popular seller at our seedling sale I made sure to plant lots this year! The thai basil is so fragrant, and the purple (dark opal) basil looks especially beautiful.

Our 6th annual seedling sale coming up on Sat, May 24 from 9-12 noon. There will be about 15 varieties of tomatoes (including red, yellow & orange cherries, mennonite orange, green zebra, polish pink, red slicers, yukon red early, some good determinate container varieties, and many more); eggplants, various kinds of hot peppers, flowers, brassicas, basil, other herbs and so on... Our friend Angie, from Fertile Ground CSA, will also be there for the day selling seedlings and leading a workshop on biointensive gardening. If all goes well, there will be freshly baked wood-fired bread and other baked treats available too...The seedling sale is one of our favourite days of the year, and makes for a nice kick-off to the garden season, and feels like a little neighbourhood festival.

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