Saturday, March 07, 2009

Farm fresh eggs

I wanted to write about some of the meals we serve to our guests at Little City Farm B&B. Since starting to offer our 100-mile breakfast, we get more requests for this option than any other (we also offer various vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options). All of our breakfasts tend to use mainly local, seasonal ingredients as that is how we try to eat on a daily basis. However, the 100-mile options include a little card which describes where all the ingredients have come from. We appreciate all the support and interest we've had from our guests for celebrating local foods, and hope they in turn will be inspired upon returning home to source out their own farmers and food producers. This is one of our main goals at our B&B - to encourage others toward choosing their own ways to incorporating simple and sustainable solutions into their everyday lives, in particular realizing that these choices are possible for those of us living in urban areas - not only possible, but necessary and vital. We hope we allow a few more people to dream about their own versions of urban homesteads - be it starting a garden, keeping a few chickens, setting up a compost system, growing tomatoes in the front yard, conserving greywater, reducing mainstream consumption in favour of supporting handmade or homemade options, and the list goes on. Urban homesteads are magical places where the imagination can thrive! There are endless projects to keep us busy and satisfied through each new season, once we realize the joy in simply living in a way that meets our day to day needs in creative, ecological, community-enhancing ways.

So, my post was farm fresh eggs and local 100-mile breakfasts...I was feeling grateful today for our hens, and that with warmer weather the egg laying has increased again. I collected a basket full over the past few days - which was surprising given over the previous weeks we would often only get 1-2 eggs per day (over winter the hens developed a bit of an egg-eating habit, craving calcium and also I believe feeling slightly "cooped up" with all the snow outside and no green places to roam about!).

Today for our 100-mile breakfast we served:
- local apple cider, unpasteurized (made from wild apples we harvested last season)
- homemade rosemary biscotti, with fresh rosemary from our greenhouse and local organic flour
- wholegrain bread made with local organic flour and served with homemade peach and strawberry jams (from berries we picked in June)
- scrambled free range eggs from our backyard hens, with dried garden thyme and our own sundried tomatoes, and local goat feta
- locally grown potatoes made into homefries, served with locally made salsa

Tomorrow's guests will get another variation on our 100-mile breakfast:
- local apple cider (again)
- local organic yogurt with warm berry sauce (local organic blueberries) and a sprinkle of homemade granola with local organic oats & local maple syrup
- maple glazed tempeh (locally produced tempeh), with our own cayenne peppers and herbs
- pancakes made with local organic flour, served again with local maple syrup
and we do serve fair trade organic coffee that we roast ourselves, served with the option of local organic cream for those who indulge

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