Saturday, March 07, 2009

Hemp soaps

Very happy with the new recipe for my test batches of soaps using Ontario hemp oil, from the Hempola Farm near Orillia. This oil makes a wonderful "luxury" bar as it's so nourishing for the skin! These are by far the nicest bars I've made and I'm going to use this as my base recipe from now on. Hemp oil is wonderful - not only healthy for our skin and rich in nutrients, but it's a sustainable oil as it's an annually renewable non-intensive crop that needs no pesticides, and in this case comes from a source that's within 100 miles of our home (basically local)! Here are some photos of my recent batches: workers hand (with cornmeal scrub); gardener's hand (with oatmeal scrub and antibacterial essential oils); and a nice woodsy patchouli spice bar...mmm. I let all my soaps cure a minimum of 4-6 weeks to get a nice stable, hard bar that is long lasting.

I hope to have my etsy store up and running soon, selling soaps and other herbal products under "homestead herbals". There is a whole line of mama & baby items, including belly salves, tinctures, teas, oils, bottoms up salve, and more. I love testing out these products with friends/family and on our own babe, who has used the bottoms up salve and cradle cap oil with great success! I also attribute my speedy labour and recovery with all the copious cups of birthing blend tea I was drinking (including red raspberry leaf from our garden!) These herbal items really work and it's a joy to use what is growing at hand to make these simple, beautiful, healthful, life-enhancing items. I'm working on a new logo right now for a fresh look - and also slowly sourcing local shops and venues (health food stores, yoga studios, baby shop, etc) to sell these herbal products. All in good time of course, while trying to balance these creative pursuits with caring for our wee one.

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