Sunday, April 19, 2009

Homeopathic First Aid Workshop

Had an informative intro to homeopathy workshop here on Saturday - the topic specifically being "homeopathic first aid". Rachel Vandenberg of Healing Path Centre for Natural Medicine here in town led the workshop - fortunately we had such fine weather we could have it outdoors - which seemed fitting for a first aid workshop on natural remedies. She gave participants a good understanding of a handful of useful "key" remedies to have on hand, and recommended we keep mini first aid kits with these homeopathics as well as instruction cards, on hand (in our homes, in our backpacks for outdoor excursions, etc). The main remedies she discussed were for common ailments that don't need the indepth constitutional analysis that homeopathic/naturopathic doctors also use when assessing patients. Here's the first aid kit:

Aconite - for sudden onset of shock, anxiety, restlessness or even taking this at the first sign of a flue or cold

Apis - for bee stings, tender, burning, swollen wounds

Arsenicum - food poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea

Arnica - for mechanical injuries, bruises, sore muscles (e.g. overexertion)

Belladonna - sunstroke, sudden fever, burning skin

Calendula - for cuts to the soft tissue, superficial healing of skin

Cantharsis - for blisters and burns

Chamomilla - irritability during teething, common cold with irritability

Hypericum - for deeper wounds to nerve-rich areas, injuries to spine, or falling on tailbone

Ledum - for bruises, puncture wounds, injury to eye area

Nux Vomica - for ailments from too much of anything (food, alcohol, etc)

Rhus Tox - for red swollen itchy blisters, poison ivy, sprained joints

Ruta - for sprains, and pulled tendons

Symphytum - broken bones

Urtica Urens - sunburn, injuries that burn, itch, sting or swell into a raised area

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