Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wild ramps/leeks

Thanks to friends who dropped off a big bag of wild leeks / aka. wild ramps this afternoon! Their family wildcrafts these leeks every spring and have several special secret locations where they know leeks can be found in the city at this time of year! This is common practice out in Quebec, and prized by chefs, and yet, here surprisingly few people seem to know about them.

What a treat - such a pungently garlic, onion and leek taste, mixed with earthy, herby and green - we promptly chopped some fresh into a salad we were taking to a potluck that evening. Since the wild leeks/ramps had fortunately been brought to us roots and all, nicely sealed in a bag with a little damp soil, we also planted out several batches of the leeks into a shady woodland area of our yard in hopes we will have our own source of special spring leeks in future years.

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