Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beekeeping co-op locally

Last fall we hosted a beekeeping workshop here at Little City Farm. We had a speaker from the University of Guelph beekeeping lab come to present information on basic beekeeping, demonstrate the various tools, discuss bee care and honey harvest, and ended with a "honey tasting" to sample an array of local honey.

Various workshop participants became inspired and took this very seriously! Several expressed interest in taking the more extensive beekeeping course offered every spring by the Ontario Beekeeping Association, joining a local beekeeping group, and even forming a beekeepers co-op. The beekeepers co-op could share the hive management, costs, tools, bee care, honey harvest, and share knowledge, etc. We've now heard of at least five participants from our fall workshop who have now taken the plunge and ordered bees for this season. The bees arrive in mid June, ordered from a nearby farm, and the rest of the beekeeping supplies can be found at a store in Cambridge (or possibly used through the beekeeping association). We hope to volunteer with one friend, and continue to research the feasibility of keeping bees on our property in the city. Very exciting! Congratulations to the newest K-W beekeepers!

If others locally are interested in more information on this beekeeping co-op, or have beekeepers information to share, contact us at

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