Thursday, May 07, 2009

Peak Moment TV: How much food can I grow around my house?

We had a friendly email from one of the producers of Peak Moment TV. They had come across our blog through the links to human powered homes, and had some good advice to offer based on their own experiences in working toward a more self-sufficient life. One useful comment was, in their experience, that for the minimal energy an electric grain mill takes to grind grain once a week for family sized batches of bread, it would probably be worth investing in such rather than the labour intensive hand-powered model (and find other places in the home to replace electric appliances with energy efficient or hand powered models). They also recommended Lehman's, a shop we had mentioned in an earlier post with links for where to buy homesteading supplies.

The Peak Moment TV has the goal of featuring "perspectives and initiatives for local self reliant living in the face of energy, climate and economic uncertainty". They have episodes featured online through their website/blog, with many useful insights and thought-provoking stories including one called "How much food can I grow around my house" (episode #87). Go to Peak Moment TV:

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