Monday, May 04, 2009

Pair of mallard ducks visit the pond

Yesterday two mallard ducks landed in our little backyard pond. They swam for a while, rested and sunned themselves on the patio deck, drank water and flew off again. We've seen them again and it looks like they may be nesting in the field behind our property. It was a nice surprise to see them arrive in our yard, and a reminder of how valuable urban water features, even small ones, can be for migrating birds. We also have a regular visits to our pond and the gardens for seeds by goldfinches, chickadees, wood peckers, cardinals, mourning doves, and of course sparrows, crows, robins, and bluejays (not to mention that cooper's hawk who we hope doesn't visit our property too often). We hope to learn more about identifying our local birds and now keep a birding guide in the kitchen.

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