Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden tasks, snow peas, new transplants, and sacred tulsi basil

This week's garden to-do list:
- hill potatoes in the 4' x 4' potato experiment patch
- make soap spray and use on fava beans
- tie up snow peas on trellis
- plant more beans (pole and french filet)
- harvest last asparagus and rhubarb
- weeding, always more weeding
- stake tomatoes before root systems get too large
- prep side yard for the arrival of the new rain harvesting tank

The snow peas are flowering and full! The blossoms are so beautiful I had to share a photo here. We should be eating fresh peas within a week. Mmmm...

I've so far managed to keep two trays of new seedlings going, so that as we harvest we will continuously have new transplants to set in. The Tulsi Basil (Sacred Basil) is up in abundance (as usual, I overseeded a little!). I did a little more research on this herb and found out it is indeed very special. It is considered the premier divine small plant in aryuvedic medicine, going by the sanskrit/Indian name of Tulasi or Vishnu priya. It's Latin name Ocimum sactum means literally "holy basil". It is renowned as an antioxidant, helping to boost the body's ability to fight free radicals which have been linked to disease and aging. It helps the body fight ongoing stress, and balances the mind, body and emotions. It is also excellent for the throat, chest, lungs and the entire respiratory tract, and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Also useful for healthy skin, rich in vitamin C and calcium, and aids digestive system. Finally, the Tulsi Basil is also used to purify the atmosphere and protects against environmental toxins. I feel very lucky to have been gifted this herb and will be sure to save seeds at the end of the season to make this a regular addition to our herb garden.

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