Thursday, June 25, 2009

Homemade organic aphid spray

Aphids are one of the gardener's least favourite pests! They can arrive unexpectedly, and start an infestation quickly devasting a once lush looking garden plot. They are easy to spot, covering leaves and stems of the plant and causing green leaves to curl and wither. Aphids should be dealt with immediately, and there are several simple yet effective organic methods for doing so. We've noticed aphids on our fava beans and I'll be trying out these organic methods today in hopes of saving the plants!

Homemade organic aphid spray
1) Spray the plant with a stream of water to wash off aphids. Then let plant dry.
2) Make a simple soap spray with: 4 oz (3 Tbsp) dish detergent to 1 gallon water.
3) Spray onto plant making sure to get under all the leaves thoroughly.
4) Aphids should die off in about 1 hour. Spray again as needed and check daily for reinfestation (eggs may be hatching).
5) Wash soap spray off of plant leaves to avoid scalding the leaves (especially melons).

Other methods:
Cayenne & garlic spray: 3-4 hot pepper/cayennes, a few cloves garlic and 1 quart water, combined in a blender and used as spray on plant leaves.

Ladybugs: They are natural aphid predators and can be purchased from garden supply stores, and generally you will need 100 ladybugs per 1000 square feet of garden. Release them in the evening so they have dew to drink.

Companion herbs: Plant angelica or morning glory to attract ladybugs to your garden.

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