Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Happy hens

The weather was so gorgeous today that I had to let our hens free-range around the yard and garden. By now we've done much of our garden harvest, so I'm not too worried about watching that they don't eat seedlings or tomatoes (they love to take one peck out of a ripe tomato and move on to the next!). I noticed they love comfrey leaves, nettle, lambs quarters, and even Jerusalem artichoke leaves, and since we have lots of these growing in our "wild" sections of the yard there really was no need for the hens to venture into the garden too much. Not to mention snails, slugs and worms after all the rain we've had lately. The hens were in late summer bliss today! With cooler days ahead they need to make the most of these warm days. They were lazily taking dust baths in their favourite spot near our back patio, and at the end of the day all preening and gathering on our back steps. I walked them back to the coop (enticing them with a handful of snacks - peach peelings), and the trotted along behind me in a line. They are such funny creatures, always busying about, and we spent much of the afternoon just watching their antics. We love these hens!

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