Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New favourite cookbook

I just got a new cookbook - it was mentioned on the Soule Mama blog, and has cover artwork by one of my favourite artists Nikki McClure. Nikki does simple yet complex papercut artwork with exacto knife, along the themes of family, activism, ecology, homesteading, gardens, nature, food sustainability, etc. We've had her calendars on our kitchen walls for years. How could I not get a cookbook that uses her art?

This cookbook is called "Feeding the Whole Family: Cooking with Whole Foods (Recipes for Babies, Young Children and Their Parents)", by Cynthia Lair. It focusses on cooking with whole foods, the importance of gathering for meals, simple wholesome recipes that use fresh, local seasonal foods. Although this book is not necessarily covering new ideas, the recipes look nourishing, interesting and beautiful, yet straight-forward enough that they don't need too much time to prepare (great for families with young children). There are also sections specifically on foods for babies, raising healthy young eaters, food allergies, and how to involve your children in the kitchen. I'm looking forward to using this book more as our daughter grows.

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