Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wool Pants from Sew Oiseau

Our little daughter has been staying cozy with these wonderful woolen pants, made by our friend at Sew Oiseau ( - from recycled wool sweaters! We absolutely love these pants - she had another pair of striped ones that are already outgrown, and now she's ready for this lovely green earthy coloured pair. Since they are still quite long and baggy, we simply roll them up, and they should fit at least another year - a great investment! As they are 100% wool they also help to keep the body dry by wicking away moisture, and soaking up any stray diaper leaks. By the way, Sew Oiseau also creates a beautiful line of adult clothing - shawls, wraps, skirts, sweaters, shirts, sloves (fingerless gloves) - all made from upcycled wool sweaters.

I'm considering the purchase of a new sewing machine (I've been working on a vintage one speed one stitch Viking model purchase by my mom for $160 from an Eaton's store in 1975 - not a bad machine back in those days - on which she sewed many of our clothes, curtains, bedding, pillows and more over the years). I've decided it's time to upgrade as I have a huge list of unfinished sewing projects that I'd like to whittle away at during the indoor winter months - clothing for Maya, mending, at least one quilt, some lavender & buckwheat dream pillows, woolen stuffed animals...and I'd like to have a few more options on my machine.

I do have an ancient Singer treadle sewing machine, and in case of emergency can always fall back on this - it must be over 100 years old as I found a very similar model on the internet dated 1901. It is a beautiful machine, has a heavy cast iron body and full wooden sewing table and five drawers for sewing accessories (notions). I have a friend who does all her sewing on an old treadle like this, very inspiring!


  1. Hello! Two things: I love the wool pants. And, your comments are turned on. Yay! I've been reading and cheering and nodding my head in agreement for some time now. I'm happy to be able to comment as well. Keep warm,

  2. AnonymousJune 08, 2010

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