Thursday, June 24, 2010

This year's best garden helper!

We've had some offers for volunteer help this summer at our little homestead, but the most eager helper by far is our two year-old!  She keeps busy all day long, harvesting peas, learning names of herbs (she loves the wood sorrel, parsley and mint patches), making wildflower bouquets, feeding the hens and collecting their eggs, digging in the garden, pulling weeds, planting seeds and watering any dry seedlings, marking new rows with twigs or little rock piles, looking for snails and earthworms and lining them up them from biggest to smallest, checking the dial on the compost thermometre, decorating handmade garden signs, searching for strawberries, collecting red clover blossoms in her harvesting basket, counting the number of crows sitting at the top of our tamarack tree, watching "mama robin" in the nest that was built under our new porch roof, floating leaf boats in our pond...when I sometimes have a few fleeting worries about how our plans for homeschooling will work out, I just need to sit back and watch a day unfold to see that there is more than enough life learning going on around here to match any text book!


  1. AnonymousJune 24, 2010

    Amen Sister!! Nothing better than whole life learning, happening all the time... :)

  2. Not only will you "match" any textbook, you will far exceed it. Best wishes on your homeschooling journey, it is a wonderful ride. I get asked almost weekly by other kids if I will homeschool them. Having a yard with chickens and worms and new plants just creates energy and joy.