Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wild Foods - salad greens & day lilies

What a busy week - our B&B has been booked solid, weekly baking (sourdough breads & fresh fruit pies) has begun for the neighbourhood CSA (community supported agriculture), herb harvesting season is upon us, and with all the rain the garden has finally really taken off (weeds and all!). The days are so wonderfully long and we're spending most waking hours outdoors - we're trying to keep meals quick, healthy and simple, using as much garden produce as we can, the edible wild foods this week have included several salads - made with mostly wild greens, added to our other garden greens (lettuce, spinach, orach, mizuna, arugula, chard, and new basil).  The wild greens have included purslane, wood sorrel, miner's lettuce, shepherd's purse, lamb's quarters, and the tastiest, day lily blossoms.  With a light homemade dressing of lemon, hemp oil, maple syrup, sea salt and plenty of freshly chopped herbs like dill and basil, sprinkled with a few borage flowers or calendula petals, these salads are beautiful!

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