Thursday, August 26, 2010

A wee bit of Little City Farm history...

A whole week has passed since my last post - this tells you how busy life is here in August.  I think by far August ends up being the fullest month for any homestead, as we are all trying to get the harvest picked, canning stored away, extra crops planted, herbs dried, and also spend a little time relaxing and lingering in the warm days of late summer before fall arrives.

We've also been doing some longterm planning, looking ahead at projects and ideas for the coming year.  In doing so, we have reflected a little on the course life has taken at Little City Farm since opening in 2007 - and the end of July marked the 3rd anniversary of Little City Farm.  We opened our home as an eco bed & breakfast, as well as workshop space and urban homestead, in hopes of meeting and inspiring others who are interested in creating sustainable urban spaces, also reviving and teaching traditional homesteading skills that we were experimenting with in our own life. Read more about our story on our website here.

As we've looked back at the activities we've held here and re-read the beautiful comments in our guestbook, we continue to be astounded by the numbers of people we have met and the interest we have seen! By now we have hosted nearly 60 workshops related to urban homesteading/permaculture/organic gardening at Little City Farm, with 20 guest facilitators who had taken part in our workshop series since 2007.  Over the course of these three years we have had nearly 3000 visitors here - including guests staying at our B&B, workshop participants, public coming on tours, school groups, visitors during our neighbourhood studio tour, people coming to the annual seedling sale, and so on.  We have also learned and benefitted from each conversation and each new person we have had the chance to host here, and it keeps us on track when we wonder if urban homesteading is the life for us.  There is certainly a huge and growing interest from city folks in finding ways to live more sustainably and in communities that feel supported and connected to each other, so we hope we can continue to inspire.  A huge THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has participated here over the past 3 years!  We are currently planning our workshop calendar for 2011 so stay tuned for details to follow...

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