Monday, November 01, 2010

Last fall days - wool, wood and pumpkins

These last fall days have been filled with stacking firewood, cozying up next to fires in the woodstove, digging out warm clothes that have been in storage, knitting, creating new woolen felted sweater dresses like the one pictured here, baking bread, sewing quilts, drinking apple cider, planting fall garlic, raking last leaves, preparing the hen house for cold nights, and of course carving a few pumpkins in time for halloween.

We have a friend organizing a "pumpkin parade" in a neighbourhood park the night following halloween.  She hopes over time our local pumpkin parade will look something like the Sorauren Park Pumpkin Parade, an event held annually in Toronto with hundreds of pumpkins being lit at dusk, bringing loads of community members out on what is usually a cold night to admire the pumpkin display.


  1. I live near Sorauren Park and I did a post about yesterday's Pumpkin Walk here:

    It's great fun to see all the pumpkins and people but even more fun to go late at night when the crowds have died down and see hundreds of pumpkins glowing in the dark!

  2. LOVE your felted dress. Would like to make one for my wee girl if you could direct me to a pattern.