Friday, November 05, 2010

Fresh Bread & Organic Produce - Tuesday

Mini Market - Tuesdays 4:30-6 pm!!
If you are in the area, drop by our place on Tuesday 4:30-6 pm (for the next few weeks) for freshly baked organic bread and organic produce!  We are teaming up with Angie from Fertile Ground CSA, to set up a very mini market in our dining room.  She has some produce left over from her growing season, and the CSA is now over - you'll find gorgeous greens (kale, bokchoy, tatsoi), luscious beets, sweet carrots, plump winter squashes and more!  Plus wholegrain bread made with local organic flour, yummy vegan pies (e.g. sourcherry crumble, apple crumble), preserves and salsa.  This is also a great time to come by if you need a nice bar of our handmade all natural soap, as we'll have lots of varieties in stock.

If you want to place a specific order, then email us by Sunday night.  Otherwise, it's first come first serve.

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