Sunday, November 21, 2010

Free-spirit baby quilts, holiday craft sales, and Buy Nothing Day!

I have been taking a computer/internet hiatus, and putting any spare time aside for sewing and soap making. Generally this means late-nights given how busy life with a 2 year old is.  There are several holiday craft sales coming up which we'll be a part of, and there is a lot to prepare!  I finally took a few photos of the baby play quilts I've been making - they are made of the softest fabrics and quilted with all natural unbleached cotton batting, perfect for all manner of playing, sleeping, picnics, cuddling, snuggling, cozying in the stroller, etc.  They are made of reclaimed or organic fabric, each one completely unique.

Last week we had our first holiday vending opportunity at the local La Leche League's annual November garage sale.  There were several other vendors, including two friends who have recently opened their own home-based businesses, Sarah's Kitchen Gardens, and The Aurora Forest.  Coming up in early December, please visit us at the Stitch'n'Kitsch Sale on Sat, Dec 4 in uptown Waterloo, and then the A Little Bird Told Me Sale, here at Little City Farm on Sat, Dec 11.

Is this the time to mention Buy Nothing Day?  After all the above self-promotion, I should note that although I highly endorse supporting local crafters or fair trade goods when buying gifts, the best thing to do is to make something yourself, or consider not giving gifts at all.  There are many creative ways to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones, and obviously the giving of "stuff" doesn't need to factor into that.  Buy Nothing Day, which typically falls on the first Friday after American Thanksgiving, was organized as "a day for society to examine the issue of over-consumption".  It is not so much about having one day where nothing is bought - rather, it is about radically changing our attitudes and lifestyles of consumption and waste.  It is a chance to critically examine how and what we purchase, and the impact these purchases have.  Check out the Buy Nothing campaign for some interesting alternate ideas, actions, carnivals, and other events taking place around the world (and even in your own city) on November 26.

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