Thursday, March 03, 2011

Early March day

An early March homesteading day...hung fresh laundry outside and it almost felt like a spring day - the sheets didn't freeze dry on the line today; the hens pattered around us hoping for a snack of seeds and carrot scrapings, and when we uncovered our grow tunnel they went into a frenzy by the smell wafting out of warming earth; parsley, kale, spinach and lettuce seedlings are sprouting in the cold frame; walked around the yard to look for more signs of spring (all the south facing points of the yard are free of snow, which means the entire front yard and walkway!); thought more about what I want to plant on the living roof this year; planted more sage, rosemary and thyme seeds as a mouse seems to have nipped off all the tops of the seedlings that were germinating!  We could use a farm cat, but one that is friendly toward birds...

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