Thursday, March 03, 2011

No Impact Man film screening, from Cambridge City Green Strategy

Coming up locally next Wednesday, March 9 at 7 pm, is the film No Impact Man - brought to you by the Cambridge City Green Stategy group who has offered three films as part of a green discussion series.  They have already featured Blue Gold: World Water Wars, and The Story of Stuff as part of this series.  Colin Beaven, featured in this documentary film with his family, has also written a book by the same name, and started a non-profit organization No Impact Project, following his one-year of trying to live with "no impact" on the environment.  They irony is, he has had tremendous "impact" by telling his story.  Check out the film or book if you haven't yet. Before the film we'll be giving a short presentation about our projects at Little City Farm, and are looking forward to the discussion to follow the film.

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  1. Great documentary links, thanks for posting. Two of them are on Netflix Instant!