Monday, March 07, 2011

Herbal order for local midwives

Today I prepared another herbal order for Genesis Midwives...(and I am so fortunate to always have an eager helper with me, who is starting her early apprenticeship in medicinal herbalism!).  We make post-partum packages that are generously given to all the clients at Genesis Midwives.  These packages include samples of a pure calendula salve and a post-partum bath blend.  Our post-partum blend includes dried comfrey, plantain, yarrow, calendula, lavender, chamomile, uva ursi, shepherd's purse, and garlic - many of which are grown in our own gardens.  I also purchase wonderful herbs from a local organic farmer friend who has the extra space, plus can source difficult to find high quality organic medicinal herbs through Mountain Rose Herbs, and Monteagle Herbs.


  1. Hi Karin

    I love your blog and learn a lot from it. I wanted to let you know in case you hadn't come across this info that the Bulk Herb Store is owned by the Pearl family which advocates an extremely harsh, often abusive style of parenting. You can learn more by googling Pearls Boycott.

    Many thoughtful, holistic and natural living families avoid supporting any of their lines of businesses. Soulemama recently removed them as a sponsor after learning of the connection.


  2. Thank you for this information Karen - I was not aware of the extremely concerning parenting syle of the Pearl family, and will also no longer be purchasing herbs from them.