Tuesday, March 15, 2011

These days, leading up to Spring Equinox

These days...seeding, waiting, hoping, dreaming, planning, tending...happy spring equinox to all of you (just a few days away).

We just picked up our portion of 10 bags of certified organic potting mix, ordered through a friend who was getting a whole skid (70 bags) delivered from Pefferlaw Peat Products (located near Pefferlaw, Ontario).  Exciting to stack up this large pile of (frozen) soil next to our greenhouse, knowing in a few weeks the weather will have warmed up and we'll be needing much of this soil to transplant our seedlings.

Below, feasting on greenhouse greens (arugula, mache), planting eggplant, hot peppers and basil...and chickens warming themselves in south-facing soil patches around the yard that have warmed up to the sun!  New chicks for this season will be ordered and picked up in just a few weeks.  We'll be getting our chicks from the nearby Frey's Hatchery (in St. Jacobs) again this year.


  1. I love second last photo - our chickens do the same thing! Dust baths in the sunniest spot of the yard. Very funny to watch!
    We'll be getting new chicks this year too and Emory is counting down the days on the calendar until pick up day!
    Happy Spring to you!

  2. FourunderfootMarch 19, 2011

    It makes my heart so happy to see your little one able to eat wight out of the garden. It was the only way I got all of my kidlets to eat green beans and tomatoes when they were younger. Love your blog.

  3. I love your blog, I find it very inspiring. Currently i'm stuck in Cambridge, but within 1-2 years we'll be moving just north of Sault Ste. Marie. Seeing all that you do within Kitchener gives me hope. But I'm curious how you manage to keep chickens within city limits? I hadn't realized that Kitchener allowed inner-city poultry! Perhaps I settled in the wrong city...
    Keep up the wonderful work!